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Tweezers ($20 SET)

Tweezers are a lash technician’s best friend; they become an extension of your hand as they are used constantly and repeatedly. Be sure to select your tweezers, like the GIRLKIN Lashes classic and volume tweezers, for your partners in crime.

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Straight Lash Tweezers ($12)

These tweezers are designed for both lash isolation of volume and classic lashes as well as picking up classic lashes. The pointed, straight end allows the lash technician to create extreme precision when separating lashes on the lash line as well as selecting one lash when applying classic lashes.

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Curved Lash Tweezers ($12)

The curved tweezers are ideal for creating and placing fans during the application of classic or volume lashes. The length of the curved end is perfect for picking up multiple lashes and making seamless multi-dimensional fans.